Friday, 3 February 2012

Deafening Silence on Iran's Human Rights Abuses against Ahwazis

Informed Ahwazi Sources has informed EAHRO that in a new wake of crackdown on Ahwazi activists Iran arrested and detained seven Ahwazi teachers and university students in Malashia and Krishan districts of Al Ahwaz city.

the arrests follows arbitrary arrests in Shush, Hamidiya and Al Ahwaz at the hands of Iran's Intelligence and security forces on charges of charges of  an attempt to boycott the upcoming elections, acting against national security, links to Ahwazis in exile and proselytizing wahhabism.

EAHRO has received the following names who were arrested on 3 February 2012:

1. Mohammed Naami   
2. Saadoun Silawi    
3. Jasim Marwani
4. Tawfiq Haidari  
5. Ali Sharifi 
6. Taher Moawieh  
7. WAlid Hamadi 

Iran has systematically persecute Ahwazis by using execution, imprisonment, torture, land confiscations and a wide range of measures designed to impoverish and drive out indigenous Ahwazis from their homeland.

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