Friday, 3 February 2012

Iran Arrests a Preacher and Nine Other Sunni Ahwazis:

Prechear: Abdul Wahid H. Bait Sayyah
According to media and human rights sources Iranian security and intelligence agents on Tuesday 17 January 2012 have raided homes and arrested 10 Ahwazi Sunnis in Kout Abdullah and Akhar Esfalt districts without presenting any arrest warrant. They have been transferred to secret locations with no reports on their conditions. 

Sources provided the following names: 

 1. Abdul Wahed Hamid Bait Sayyah, (AKA Abo Majed),47-year-
    old, married, Preacher.
2. Majid Abd Bawi (AKA Abo Anas) 35-year-old, married, 
3. Hamid Hasshi Khanfari Batrani (AKA Abo Nadia), 44-year-old, 
4. Jamal Naser Hezbawi (AKA Abo Khalid), 44-year-old, married.
5. Ghazi  Abdurrazaq Handali Farhani (AKA Abo Sharar) 38-year-
    old, married.
6. Sayed Hamid  Ahmad Nazari, 65-years-old, married.
7. Khalaf Zubaidi (AKA Abo Salah), 43-years-old, married.
8. Sayyed Khazraji ( AKA Abo Mohammad), married.
9. Hussain Khazraji (Abo Ali), married.

In the past few weeks intelligence and security forces arrested, interrogated and detained tens of Ahwazis on charges of  challenging the elections, act against national security, links to Ahwazis in exile and proselytizing wahhabism.

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