Saturday, 4 February 2012

Iran tortures to Death a 25-year-old Ahwazi Activist.

An Ahwazi activist tortured to death after he was arrested on 26 January 2012 Nader's Street  in Al Ahwaz.
Nasser Al Boushokeh Darafshan, 25-year-old, was arrested by security forces in Ahwaz and transferred to unknown location where he was tortured to death. His family were not told of his whereabouts for one week before security forces gave them his corpse with bore marks of torture including broken limbs.

A relative of the victim told Al Arabiya that no charge was filed 
against  Nasser in a court and that his body bore marks of torture 
adding that the alleged extra-judicial killing appeared to be associated with Darafshan’s opposition of the Iranian regime’s policies against ethnic Arabs and Sunni Muslims in the region.

Al Arabiya reports that "regime reported that security forces have detained dozens who participated in a night protest against the regime in Ahwaz. Authorities also imposed emergency in the city and ordered raids on homes of suspected activists.

Abdul Karim, a recently released detainee, told Al Arabiya ... detainees especially Sunni Muslims, were being tortured in Iranian prisons, and were accused of apostasy for rejecting Shiite Islam under the umbrella of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

“Sunni Islam has spread widely in Ahwaz and nearby provinces and the Iranian authorities consider this as a threat to their national security,” Abdul Karim added". Al Arabiya adds.

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