Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Iranian Intelligence Services Used the Detained Environmental Activist's Facebook to Deny Her Arrest and Detention

The Iranian intelligence services on 18 May 2016 used the detained Ahwazi environmental and cultural activist Ms.  Zakia Neysi’s facebook account to deny her detention.

cultural activist Ms.  Zakia Neysi’s
 facebook account to
 deny her detention.

Her family say since her arrest two days ago they been not able to contact her and the authorities have, so far, declined to provide any information about her.

The family also believe that her facebook has been used by the intelligence services in order to put pressure and harass the family and denied that she herself had posted on her page. Her father was also summoned by the intelligence services but refused to comply with their request to appear in front of the camera to deny his daughter’s arrest.

Iran have always forced Ahwazi detainees to give television interviews.

The intelligences services post on her facebook reads:

“I am Zakiys Neysi and am in full health. I was called in by the “Setade Kabari” (intelligence services office) on 17 may 2016  for an interview on environmental activities and how to pursue them in accordance with the Islamic Republic’s laws. I did the interview with full respect and it lasted for one hour after which I returned home in full health.
I reject the published news by the anti-Iranian and inimical media about my arrest and the seizure of my belongings by the ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Unfortunately, this news are spread by the anti-Islamic revolution ideals persons through my anti-revolution, murderer and hypocrite brother, known as Yaqub Hor and these are total lies.

My activities are merely environmental and are in accordance with the Islamic republic’s laws and the I.R. constitution guarantees this right of mine.”

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