Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Iran Arrests An Ahwazi Arab Environmental Activist

Iran Arrests An Ahwazi
Arab Environmental Activist
EHARO has received confirmed information from reliable sources that the Iranian intelligence services have on Tuesday (17 May 2016) arrested Ms.  Zakiya Neysi, 26, an agricultural engineer and environmental activist.

 Sources said plain clothes security agents, who did not present any arrest warrant, raided and searched the house and seized Ms. Neysi’s personal belongings including computer, hard drive, books and mobile phone. They also threatened and insult her relatives. Unconfirmed reports said she’s at the intelligences services centre in Amaniya, Ahwaz.

Like many other Ahwazi Ms. Neysi, , was campaigning against Iran’s  disastrous and wide-spread environmental destruction such as excessive damming to reduce water flow, diverting rivers to central Iran,  destroying ecosystems, drying out of rivers and wetlands.



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