Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Iran executes an Ahwazi arab Poet

Ahwazi Poet , Reyad Hamed Al Nasseri,
was executed on 15 April 2015 in
notorious Karoun Prison
According to the Arab Media and Ahwazi sources Iran yesterday executed a 38-year-old, father of three and Ahwazi poet, Reyad Hamed Al Nasseri (Reyad Nasseri) after eight year in detention. Sources said was executed on 15 April 2015 in Ahwaz Karoun notorious prison. He left behind his wife, two daughter and eighteen year old son named Mohammed. He was executed on 10 annivarsay of Ahwazi uprising in 2005. Some of his poems were sung by the popular Ahwazi signer Abbas Sahaqi.

Iran on Wednesday, 8 April 2015, arrested Ahmad Sabhan Al Hazbawi for a 25-word poem supporting the Operation Decisive Storm, a coalition of ten countries participating in the war against the Houthi movement in Yemen. He was arrested at his perfume shop in Kut Abdullah town near Ahwaz. 
Sources and eyewitnesses have confirmed seeing masked officers, believed to be from the Intelligence service, beating and dragging him to the ground from his shop to a vehicle. The arrest took place after the poet and jubilant crowd, mainly youth, appeared in a video on 27 March 2015 expressing support for the operation and the King Salman of Saudi Arabia.  

The poem says: Greeting from beloved Ahwazi to king Salman, Who United the grandsons of Arabs in the Decisive Storm of Cousins. The fighter gets of glory appeared over the Houthis of Darkness”.

The video has been widely shared by Arabic media in the middle east as well as facebook and twitter.

Iran has previously assassinated and executed Ahwazi poets merely for their poetry and cultural activities.

In February 2014 Iran caused an international outcry when it executed the Ahwazi poet Hashem Shaabani and his fellow Al-Hiwar member and teacher Hadi Rashedi.

 In November 2014 Iran detained and poisoned the Arab poet Sattar Sayahi (Abu Soror) to prevent him from involvement in a variety of Arab cultural activities.

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