Saturday, 18 April 2015

A Joint Statement By 137 Poets And Writers on The Arrest of Ahwazi Poets Ahmad Sabhan Al Hazbawi

The poets of the Arab World monitor with deep concern the arrest of the Ahwazi poet Ahmad Sabhan [Al Hazbawi] by the Iranian authorities on April 15th 2015 for reciting a poem.

His arrest came after Sabhan recited a poem at a peaceful gathering held by Arab Ahwazis in support of Operation Decisive Storm and its mandate to restore order to Yemen and reinstate the country's legitimate presidency.
Sabhan's brave act falls within the universal human right of freedom of conscience and expression, and we hold the Iranian regime accountable for any harm inflicted on the poet Sabhan whilst in custody. We call for his unconditional release immediately.
Additionally, we call on the international community, the United Nations, and human rights organizations that protect the rights of poets and intellectuals to call for the immediate release of Ahwazi poet Ahmed Sabhan.

We vow to continue to add pressure through legal means and hold various events in support of our brother Ahmed Sabhan and we call on all Arab and foreign poets and friends to engage positively in our campaign until his release.
Finally, we express our full support for Operation Decisive Storm to bring stabilty and order in Yemen, and condemn the continuing Iranian interference in the GCC's affairs. We stand in solidarity with our Arab Ahwazi brothers and sisters in their struggle against the brutal Iranian regime.

1- Talal Alsaeed (Kuwait) 
2- Sultan Aleseemer (Kuwait)
3- Majed Alaithi (Kuwait)
4- Nayf Bin Irwil (Saudi Arabia)
5- Saeed Bin Maneá (Saudi Arabia)
6- Meshal Dohaim (Saudi Arabia)
7- Arif Sorour (Saudi Arabia)
8- Abdul Aziz Al-Shálani (Saudi Arabia)
9- Iman Bakri (Egypt) 
10- Nawaf Aljarba (Iraq)
11- Adel Alshahin (Iraq)
12- Layali Alammoush (Jordan)
13- Kifah Alquson (Palestine) 
14- Ali Alghyathbin (Qatar)
15- Lahdan Sabah Alkobaisi (Qatar)
16- Homaid Almoradi (Yaman)
17- Fahd Alhashash (Syria)
18- Solaiman Alaqidi (Syria)
19- Abdulrahman Alkhaldi (Bahrain) 
20- Khalid Alsaeed Aldowaifri (Saudi Arabia)
21- Saud Alshafi (Qatar)
22- Princess Asma Saqr Alqasemi
23- Abdul Aziz Albaker (Bahrain)
24- Mamdouh Albadrani (Saudi Arabia)
25- Abd-Allah Hodaijan (Saudi Arabia)
26- Rashid Alatram (Saudi Arabia)
27- Faris Almoghiri Alotaibi (Saudi Arabia)
28- Jaza Albaqmi (Saudi Arabia)
29- Wasfi Alsabran (Jordan)
30- Badr Mayouf Alefaili (Saudi Arabia)
31- Rowaf Al-Raslani (Saudi Arabia)
32- Ayedh Bin Msaád (Saudi Arabia)
33- Bandar Talal Saeed (Kuwait)
34- Mesfer Al-Dosari (Saudi Arabia)
35- Jamal Al-Oun (Jordan)
36- Mnahi Al-Ofi (Saudi Arabia)
37- Faisal Al-Shan (Saudi Arabia)
38- Fahd Al-Khalawi (Kuwait)
39- Mohammad Al-Zoghbi (Saudi Arabia)
40- Mishál Al-Wesami Al-Deferi (Saudi Arabia)
41- Mansour Al-Fhaid (Saudi Arabia)
42- Salih Bi Kahla (Saudi Arabia)
43- Saud Al-Awaji (Saudi Arabia)
44- Khalid Al-Azab (Saudi Arabia)
45- Nayef Awadh (Saudi Arabia)
46- Saad Almotlaq (Saudi Arabia)
47- Nayef Mohathab (Saudi Arabia)
48- Nayef Al-Modhyani (Saudi Arabia)
49- Salih Al-Shamlani (Saudi Arabia)
50- Sabah Aqid Al-Deferi (Saudi Arabia)
51- Alghariba (Kuwait)
52- Abdurahman Al-Ghobayen (Saudi Arabia)
53- Abdu-Allah Maree (Saudi Arabia)
54- Mahdi Bin Mesfer Al-Hobabi (Saudi Arabia)
55- Nawaf Al-Torki (Saudi Arabia)
56- Hamad Owaid Al-Enezi (Saudi Arabia)
57- Mohammad Mehwash Al-Deferi (Saudi Arabia)
58- Badr Mayouf Al-Ghefeli (Saudi Arabia)
59- Abdu-Allah Al-Falahi (Kuwait)
60- Ali Albuaynain (Saudi Arabia)
61- Theyab Al-Askar
62- Fahad Radhi Al-Zoabi (Kuwait)
63- Jar-Allah Al-Shaddi (Saudi Arabia)
64- Abdel-Aziz Al-Qaeedi (Saudi Arabia)
65- Radhi Al-Hajeri (Qatar)
66- Botti Al-Hobabi (Qatar)
67- Obaid Al-Ajlani (Saudi Arabia)
68- Dr. Abdul-Rahman Abatheraa (Kuwait)
69- Abdel-Hadi Al-Massoudi (Qatar)
70- Faris Al-Debyan Al-Shemmeri (Syria)
71- Ihyal Wahid Al-Shemmeri (Kuwait)
72- Hanadi Al-Jodar (Bahrain)
73- Eyad Almresi (Bahrain)
74- Abdulrahman Al-Meghna Al-Shahrani (Saudi Arabia)
75- Faha Eshewi (Saudi Arabia)
76- Mohammad Aziz Al-Arfaj (Saudi Arabia)
77- Faris Mahdi Al-Abar Al-Enezi (Saudi Arabia)
78- Mohammad Almbarak (Bahrain)
79- Meshal Al-Showaish (Saudi Arabia)
80- Yahya Al-Belharith (Saudi Arabia)
81- Abdullah Alselaibi Al-Haqbani (Saudi Arabia)
82- Ahmad Alharbi (Saudi Arabia)
83- Saeed Bin Nasser Al-Qarni (Saudi Arabia)
84- Ahmad Mashal Al-Deferi (Kuwait)
85- Abdulrahman Mazen Al-Atawi (Saudi Arabia)
86- Jamil Mohammad Al-Fadani (Saudi Arabia)
87- Ghanim Nawar Al-Sebaie (Saudi Arabia)
89- Adel Dhaif-Allah Alasadi (Saudi Arabia)
90- Abir Alebraiki (UAE)
91- Faisal Saeed Alghamdi (Saudi Arabia)
92- Saad Bin Ajween (Saudi Arabia)
93- Mohammad Alrashid (Saudi Arabia)
94- Abdullah Yaqoub Alhathal (Kuwait)
95- Moqbel Fahd Alenezi (Saudi Arabia)
96- Waleed Bin Fahd Alhothali (Saudi Arabia)
97- Abu Tamim Alshemeri (Iraq)
98- Saddam Khodhr Almouseli (Jordan)
99- Fhayed Alenezi (Saudi Arabia)
100- Saad Al-Braik (Saudi Arabia)
101- Badr Almehaini (Kuwait)
102- Mohammad Al-Dahaimi (Saudi Arabia)
103- Hmoud Masheá Aleátebi (Saudi Arabia)
104- Mohammad Alearear (Saudi Arabia)
105- Mshari Mohammad Al-Gergah (Saudi Arabia)
106- Fahd Alsakran (Kuwait)
107- Ebaid Fahd Alehraisi Alsbaie (Saudi Arabia)
108- Abdulmajeed Hajed Alemeri (Saudi Arabia)
109- Thamer Aljahran Alsarhani (Jordan)
110- Ghazi Mshekhes (Saudi Arabia)
111- Nasser Jaber (Saudi Arabia)
112- Samer Mohammad Alofi (Saudi Arabia)
113- Walha Alshawq (UAE)
114- Rehab Yousef (Bahrain)
115- Mohammad Mansour Alroqi (Saudi Arabia)
116- Mbarak Saud Almgheri (Saudi Arabia)
117- Jaber Alkasser (Saudi Arabia)
118- Thamer Raked Alrowaili (Saudi Arabia)
119- Talal Mohsen Alabhoul Al-Shemeri (Saudi Arabia)
120- Dhamen Ebaid Alenezi (Saudi Arabia)
121- Zayed Alfalahi (UAE)
122- Khaled Ebaid Almalki (Saudi Arabia)
123- Abdelghafour Badr Almgheri (Saudi Arabia)
124- Medhwah Bin Shetwi (Saudi Arabia)
125- Fayea Alhamlani (Saudi Arabia)
126- Mohammad Almhed (Saudi Arabia)
127- Mbarak Alammar Al-Dosari (Saudi Arabia)
128- Faris Alsmedan (Saudi Arabia)
129- Meshal Alshayji (Saudi Arabia)
130- Nafeá Eátewi Alenezi (Saudi Arabia)
131- Torki Aloun (Jordan)
132- Ahmad Alenezi Abu Anwar (Saudi Arabia)
133- Dhama Alwejdan (Bahrain)
134- Thani Aldehmeshi (Saudi Arabia)
135- Salem Abdullah (UAE)
136- Awwad Alreghyan (Saudi Arabia)
137- Lafi Al-Dhafeeri (Bahrain)

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