Sunday, 12 April 2015

Anti-Arabism and Racist slogans by Persians in Tehran are encouraged by Iranian government.

A mob of Persian men and women appeared in a video chatting “ Arab Gomsho Biroon” telling all Arabs in Iran to get out of [Iran] in an extremely rude way against Saudi-led Operation Decisive Storm in Yemen [also an Arab country] as well as alleged mistreatment of two Iranian teenagers in Jeddeh airport last week.  Despite its massive presence police did nothing to stop them chanting these racist slogans.

Such anti-Arabism and derogatory language among Persians and Persian dominated media is widespread and tolerated if not encouraged but Iranian authorities. In May 1985 Arab protesters were suppressed and hundreds were detained by authorities for protesting against extremely insulting article in the  state-owned newspaper Etelaat. Protests forced then president and current supreme leader to apologised  to Ahwazi Arabs.

Racist poetry gatherings sponsored Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance can be watched on social media. EAHRO is not responsible for the content of external sites.

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