Sunday, 12 April 2015

Ahwazi Teachers stage strike over discrimination and underpayment.

Classes were called off today, 12 April 2015, and teacher staged protest in front of Provincial Edcation Depermant in Ahwaz against the lack of adequate income and facing difficult living conditions. They demanded the Iranian authorities end discrimination, pay overdue salaries and increase their salary. They also said the authorities should improve their quality of life as this is essential to the quality of their teachings.

"We are going on strike because we are still being overworked, underpaid and overloaded," protesting teachers said.

Teachers were carrying placards with one reads: The Teacher is awake, He/She Resents Discrimination. Another one says: Unmotivated Teacher equals Maladaptive Society” 

Despite their rich and lucrative homeland, the region has been kept underdevelopment with Ahwazi Arabs do not even have access to the utmost basic human needs such as healthy drinking water and air. Unemployment, illiteracy, health issues such as cancer and respiratory, child malnutrition and poverty remain the highest among Ahwazi Arab.

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