Sunday, 10 June 2012

Five Ahwazi Arabs Political Prisoners at Imminent Risk of Execution:

Abd al-Rahman Heidarian (aka Nasser), 20 February 1989
Taha Heidarian (aka Jamshid), 24 March 1984, father of two
Abbas Heidarian (aka Jasim), 29 October 1986, father of one
Mansour Heidari
Amir Muawi

According to local sources Special Unit Forces, on Saturday 9 June 2012,  have transferred the detainees include three brothers – Abd al- Rahman, Taha, Jamshid  Heidari,  their cousin Mansour Heidari and Amir Muawi form general ward in notorious Karoun to undisclosed quarantine ward—the ward in which death row inmates are typically sent prior to execution— for the implementation of their imminent execution sentences.

The five Ahwazi Arabs', from Malashyeh district, Ahwaz city, death sentences were upheld by the Supreme Court  following their arrest in 2011 for ”allegedly killing a member of Intelligence Services and wounding another in 2011”, something their family  categorically denied and say the prisoners were tortured to confess the murder charges.

Informed source said that Jalil Heidarian, brother of the three also was arrested by security forces to sign "Execution Documents/Consent". His location and welfare is still unknown.

-  Urging the Iranian authorities not to carry out the executions and to commute the death sentences of Abd al-Rahman Heidari, Taha Heidari, Jamshid Heidari, Mansour Heidari and Amir Mo’avi and anyone else on death row;

-  Seeking  information about the trial of all five, including whether they had access to a lawyer of their choice;

- Calling  on Iran to ensure that all five men are protected from torture or other ill-treatment, and are granted immediate and regular access to their families, their lawyers and adequate medical care.

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