Friday, 8 June 2012

European Commission: Ahwazi Arabs are victims of Iran's oppression,  discrimination and persecution policies

Below are excerpts of the letter by Patricia Llombart-Cussac, European External Action, to Ahwazi Human Rights Activists:

"The deteriorating situation on Human Rights in Iran is a continuous concern for the EU, which monitors developments on a constant basis. One of the many problematic areas is of course the precarious situation of minority groups in the country, with everyday examples of oppression, discrimination and persecution. The Ahwazi Arabs undoubtedly one of the minorities who are victims of the regime’s policies.

We can assure you that the EU uses all tools available to put pressure on the Iranian side to abide by its international obligations. With numerous statements, as well as targeted demarches, we constantly call on Iran to cease oppressing any minority groups, of either ethnic or religious nature.

The EU also plays an active role in the international fora, in the context of the UN and more specifically in the Human Rights Council. We stress - and will continue to do so- that Iran has to implement the recommendations which it accepted during the Universal Periodic Review.

Lastly, the EU supported rights from the beginning the setting up of a Special Repporteur on Human Rights in Iran and officially encourages a visit to Iran by the latter, although Iran contests the legality of the Rapporteur and has not replied to requests for a visit."

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