Friday, 17 February 2012

Arab Human Rights Organisation Urges UNHCR and UN Human Rights Council to Help Ahwazis

Today Arab Human Rights Organisation (AOHR) has urged the UN Human Rights Council to take action and listen to the plight of Ahwazis especially recent crackdown against peaceful protesters and relocation of Ahwazi refugees to unsafe place.

Arab Human Rights Organisation executive director Alaa Shalabi told EAHRO that we are deeply concerned about the current situation and government's oppression of Ahwazis.

He  said that AOHR has referred the case to  the UN Human Rights Council and urged the council to put an end  to Iran's oppression  of  Ahwazis.

AOHR has also urged the UNHCR to protect Ahwazi refugees after Iraqi governmnet relocated them to Basrah province following the closure of Al Walid Camp, near Iraq-Syria border where they  live in constant fear and intimidation by Iraqi militia loyal to Iran.

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