Sunday, 12 February 2012

Ahwazi Human Rights Activists Marched in Trafalgar Square in Solidarity with Protesters in Syria and Egypt.

Ahwazi rights activists in London joined a rally organised by amnesty international, to show their solidarity and support to the peaceful protesters demanding freedom, their basic human rights and immediate reform in Middle East. Similar events were held in 21 countries across the globe.
Speakers from Egypt, Libya, Syria, Palestine and Bahrain shared their stories of struggle and perseverance in the face of violent suppression.

 Ahwazi activists' 30 SECOND request to share their experience of Apartheid styled oppression by Iran against them including the very latest crackdowns, arbitrary arrests and killing of 3 young Ahwazi activists for expressing sympathy for the Arab Spring, chanting anti-government slogans and graffiti spray-painted among them Nasser Alboshkeh aged 20 and Mohammed Kaabi aged 35 at the hand of the Iranian Ministry of Intlligence agents were turned downed by the organisers due " Lack of Time" as described the organisrs despite their promise.

It is worth mentioning that Amnesty International on 10 February reported that "... around 49 members of the Ahwazi Arab minority have been arrested [by Iran]since 10 January 2012, in at least three cities in the south-western province of [Arabistan].

Amnesty's statement followed the Human Rights Watch "Iran: Arrest Sweeps Target Arab Minority" report on 7 February 2012 in which it called on Iranian Government to immediately release or charge 65 detained Ahwazi in the city of Ahwaz, Susa and Hamidia.

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