Sunday, 29 January 2012

Iran Arrests at Least 11 Ahwazis In the City of Hamidia.

Informed human rights activists and witnesses have told EAHRO that on 26 January 2012 in a new wave of crack down on Ahwazis, Iranian security and Intelligence raided homes and arrested at least 10 Ahwazis in the city of Hamidia, 25 km west of capital city Al Ahwaz without any warrant or an explanation. Their whereabouts are unknown. 

EAHRO has obtained the 11 following names:

1. Adnan Jumah Saedi, 25-year-old
2. Ayub Jumah Al Saedi, 23-year-old
3. Mohammed Adnan Helfi 
4. Karim Majid Fayyai Dahaimi
5. Jamal Nazzal Ibayat
6. Jalil Nazzal Ibayat
7. Alio Haidari
8. Hadi Manabi
9. Haidar Obaidawi
10. Abbas Thamer
11. Salahuddin Bayt Hardan, 26-year-old

Also, in the past few days in the same city two Ghalib Manabi, a singer and Hassan, a history teacher, along with 50 Ahwazis and their lawyers  in the city of Susa (Shush) were arrested.  

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