Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Ahwazi Detainee Paralyzed During Torture in Iran Prison.

Abbas Khodairawi an Ahwazi human rights activist  sentenced to life in exile in Gonabad Prison by a revolutionary court in Ahwazi city on charges of "Spreading Corruption on Earth" and "Acting against Internal Security" after his hand had been paralysed because of torture he endured while in prison.

 In its annual report for 2011 Amnesty International reports that "Ahwazis and along with Azerbaijanis, Baluch, Kurds and Turkmen, "suffered ongoing systematic discrimination in law and practice. The use of minority languages in schools and government offices continued to be prohibited. Those who campaigned for greater political participation or recognition of  rights faced systematic threats, arrest and imprisonment".
The report also stated that "In September [2011], four Ahwazi Arabs held since June 2009 were reported to have been sentenced to death on charges including “enmity against God and corruption on earth”.

On 19 April 2011Amnesty International  called for an independent and impartial investigation into the killings of  [Ahwazis] urging  Iran to recognize and address the grievances of the Ahwazis also to investigate clashes between security forces and protesters from the Ahwazi in 2011, stating that " The crackdown came around a “Day of Rage” protest held on 15 April to mark the anniversary of demonstrations that took place in the regional capital Ahvaz in 2005, when local Ahwazi Arabs held rallies in protest at a letter they believed was written by an official which outlined a policy of “Persianization” of the area.

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