Friday, 27 May 2016

Two Ahwazi Arab Poets Arrested: One of Them Beaten and Humiliated Before His Family

Iranian intelligence services on or around 25 May 2016 raided the home and arrested an Ahwazi Arab poet Shaker Bawi, son of Eswadi and father-of-three from Kut Abdullah.

Shaker Bawi:
Beaten and Humiliated Before His Family
According to informed sourced he was humiliated and beaten in front of his wife and children while being arrested. His home was searched and some of his belongings were seized by the security agents. No arrested and search warrant were shown during the raid.
Another poet Ali Matroudi, son of Hashem, from Falahiya (Shadegan) was also arrested earlier this month (May 2016) at the revolutionary court and transferred to Sheyban prison in Ahwaz city after the authorities summoned him and threatened to confiscate his home in Falahiya if he failed to attend the court.
Ali Matroudi:
Tried and Sentenced in Absentia

He was first arrested in December 2013, hours after taking part and reading a poem on Arab identity at funeral service of a prominent Ahwazi poet “Mola Fadhel Al Sakrani. He was detained for about twenty day at undisclosed intelligence services centre before being released on bail.  After his release, he went to work in Yazd.
According to informed sources who saw the documents,  he was tried, convicted and sentenced to one year in prison in absentia by a local revolutionary court.

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