Monday, 11 May 2015

An Iranian Provincial Chief Justice: Executions in Hamidiya city will be implemented publicly

Khuszetan’s  chief justice Farhad Afshar Nia said on Sunday, 10 May 2015, that terrorists’ trail will be held at the nearest possible time and their sentence [execution] will be implemented publicly.

The official was referring to a shooting incident On April 2, 2015, Iranian media reported that unknown assailants had attacked and killed three police officers, two of whom were themselves Arab, in Hamidiya, injuring two others. Several days later, on April 21, Iranian officials announced they had captured the suspects. It is not clear if the attack was politically motivated or had other reasons behind it.

It’s clear from this bizarre and contradictory statement that the authorities have already decided to execute some people before putting them on trial. 

He added “the unknown soldier of the hidden Imam [Iranian intelligence services agents] in cooperation with the provincial enforcement forces [police] have arrested the “terrorists elements” in less than 20 days with documents and evidence have been discovered and seized.

EAHRO like many Ahwazi activists believe that by this statement and by publicly executing Ahwazis, Iran seeks to punish and silence Ahwazi Arabs for their recent peaceful civil and cultural activities and to spread fear among Ahwazi Arab population in order to silent them.

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