Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Iran’s crackdown against Ahwazi Arabs Continues Amid International Silence

Iran makes arrests five more Ahwazi Arabs.
Iranian security forces on Monday, 13 April, arrested at least further 26 Ahwazi Arabs mainly in Hay Al Thoura (Koi Alawi) Ahwaz city's district. According to family members masked security forces in black uniforms raided homes at about 4am, searched the properties and seized belongings including mobile phones and computers. 

Sources confirmed the following names:
Ali Mousawi
Basim Sawari
Mahdi Cheldawi
Mohammed Mosawi
Ahmad Haydari
Amir Sayyahi
Toufiq Ghobeishi

Iran has intensified its crackdown against Ahwazi ahead of 10th anniversary of 15 April 2005 Ahwazi intifada (uprising) against Iran's ethnic cleansing policies against arabs and have since last month arrested and detained many Ahwazi Arabs including at least four 14-16-year- old minors. Even teachers, poets and preachers have not survived persecution.

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