Saturday, 25 April 2015

Iran: Secondary school pupils left without teacher after teacher's arrest

Saadon Maramadi (Maramazi), 35-year-old secondary school teacher from Khafajiya, was arrested on Wednesday 22 April 2015. Sources said since his arrest, pupils have been without teacher.

This year like previous years even before the 10th anniversary of 15 April 2005 Ahwazi Intifada Iran, has intensified its crackdown against Arab population in Al-Ahwaz. 

In last few days authorities have also arrested hundreds of Ahwazi Arabs, mainly youth, in different cities and villages throughout Al-Ahwaz.

The following Ahwazi Arabs from Hamidiya were arrested last week:

·         Kadem (Kazem) Zamani
·         Sajjad Ebaidawi
·         Mahdi Torfi
·         Mahdi Manbouhi

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