Sunday, 26 April 2015

Iran arrests an Ahwazi Arab tribal leader for performing "Sunni prayers"

Sheikh Qasim Al Bawi was 
arrrested by Iran for performing
"Sunni prayers"
Sheikh Qasim Jaber Al Abbas (Sheikh Qasim Al Bawi", 50-year-old- Bawi tribe leader, from Arab Rashed village, was arrested on Thursday 23 April 2015, at his son (Sam) wedding party  by securities forces for performing prayer according to Sunni-Muslim school.  This is his second arrest in less than three week for same reason.

Al-Ahwaz has seen widespread* conversions from Shia to Sunni Islam which has since resulted in massive crackdown* by authorities against Ahwazi Arabs.

Several Iranian officials including supreme leader and the head of provincial judiciary department expressed their objections publicly and urged the authorities to tackle this issue under  the pretext of what they, inter alia, called the distortion of Islam, spreading Wahhasim, Wahhabis' investment and strong onslaught against real Islam.


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