Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Iran prepares to execute four human rights activist
Iran continues to violate human rights against its Arabs citizens as seven human right activists from Ahwaz in southern Iran face the death penalty since December 2012 (case no. 901043630040079). Ghazi Abbasi (31), Shehab Abbasi (27), Abdulameer Majdami (33) and Abdulreda Khanafra (26) were all arrested based on unpublished Iranian Intelligence reports according to which the activists are ‘waging war against God and spreading corruption’.
The other three, namely Hadi Albokhanfer Nejad, Jassim Mughadem Payam and Sami Jedmawi Nejad are imprisoned for over 3 years and had recently been expelled to Arbedal prison. The former four activists had recently leaked a letter to their families from the inside of Iranian Intelligence prisons calling for help as they are facing both physical and psychological torture on the hands of the Iranian government. According to an official weapons expert (Ali Metri) who was responsible for the prisoners’ case, no bullets were aimed in or at any government institutions and/or its employees and the activists had murdered no one whatsoever. The Iranian regime disregarded Metri’s report and assigned another expert to condemn the activists and justify the sentence.
International organizations at many occasions had condemned the execution of Ahwazi Arabs in Iran, an oppressed and systematically cleansed minority that constitutes the vast majority of Ahwaz province population in the eastern Gulf coast. Iran never listened, and never showed mercy to its Arab citizens and continued to execute activists one after another.
‘It is time to take collective action and condemn Iran firmly and loudly with faith that the world’s cries will be heard this time, and the activists will return to their families safe’, said a member of London based European Ahwazi Human Rights organization.

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