Monday, 1 April 2013

Ahwazis Without Trail a Year After Arrest

Since the 2005 uprising in Ahwaz, the Iranian authorities have been on a tiring arresting and executing spree. Arresting anyone that is even remotely related to someone that walked the streets on April of 2005. As an organisation we are constantly being given authentic news from reliable sources from within Iran.

On July 2012, twelve Ahwazi Muslim Sunnis were arrested as part of this splurge of imprisonment for the fight against ‘corruption’ and for ‘peace’. All twelve men were from the Zergan region of Ahwaz and were arrested in Hamzah Zerghani’s house (aka Hakim Owayid Abdul Bari), one of the twelve prisoners. Mr Zerghani’s wife was also taken into custody and interrogated simply for being his wife.

The men were then kept in custody for a period of six months and were endlessly tortured so that they may testify, falsely, to charges they had no association with. This was all done by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (itila’at).

Three of the men were then sentenced to a year in prison while the remaining nine, a year later until now are still waiting for a sentence. All twelve men were initially arrested and charged for a submissive religious belief, one which is seemingly prohibited in Iran, for being Sunni Muslims, according to what is known to us through our sources. There have been previous cases of such cruel treatment of the Sunni majority in Ahwaz.

It may appear as though the three men with the one year sentences got away with a slap on the wrist. But there have been previous cases were prisoners have been executed before they can serve their time and in particular cases their sentences were less than a year,  and this was all done without any legal procedures. They were simply executed and the authorities turned a blind eye to it. Below are the names of the twelve men arrested on July 2012: 

  1. Hamzah Zerghani aka Hakim Owayid Abdul Bari 
  2. Ossam  Zerghani
  3. Abbas Zerghani (Son of Owayid Abdul Bari)
  4. Baqir Ishag Na'ami
  5. Sabbah Muslimi Ibn Sharbaz
  6. Adil Foualy Poor (Naeem Ali Alehneta)
  7. Majeed Nour Mutayri
  8. Raheem Zerghani (Abu Ibraheem)
  9. Muhammad Asakra
  10. Jassim Asakra
  11. Thiya Zerghani
  12. Shiekh Abu Abdul Rahman

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