Friday, 1 March 2013

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Special Rapporteur continues to be disturbed by reports from members of the Arab community regarding arrests, detentions, and prosecutions for protected activities that promote social, economic, cultural, linguistic and environmental rights. A majority of interviewees reported that they were arrested in the absence of a warrant, and that they were ill-treated during their arrests. Interviewees maintained that they were detained without charges for periods ranging from several days to several weeks. Several individuals reported being psychologically and physically tortured during their interrogations, including by floggings, beatings, and being made to witness executions, threats against family members, and the actual detention of family members for the purpose of implicating others, or to compel others to report to the authorities. 

One interviewee reported that his/her cousin, nephew and brother were arrested in June 2012 for the purpose of coercing their children, who are currently living abroad, to return to the country. S(he) maintained that Ministry of Intelligence officers reportedly arrested, detained, and interrogated his/her family members about possible foreign contacts on a daily basis for over two weeks in the absence of charges. They were reportedly subjected to psychological and physical torture, including by flogging and beatings to the point of unconsciousness. The individuals reportedly remain in prison.
An informed source reported that poet Mr Sattar Sayyahi, died under suspicious circumstances in November 2012 following his release and subsequent threats by the Ministry of Intelligence. Mr. Sayyahi‟s uncle and neighbour were also reportedly arrested, interrogated and tortured, by the authorities after they took Mr. Sayyahi to the hospital. The interviewee maintained that Mr. Sayyahi‟s uncle and neighbour were questioned about their conversations with him prior to his death. It was further reported that authorities attacked and arrested an estimated 130-140 funeral attendants, including Mr. Sayyahi‟s 17-year old cousin, Ali Sayyahi‟s, whose hand was reportedly broken as a result of torture while in detention.
Source: Human Rights Council

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