Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Arrests in Ahwaz

Iran’s intelligence services and security forces led by Brigadier Hassan Haqiqi have arrested on 12 Janaury several Ahwazi Arabs activists in Zerqan district in Ahwaz City.

EAHRO received the following names of activists who were arrested in Beit Mohareb village and Zerqan distirct:

1.  Yaqub Idizadeh, 28, father of one
2. Saeid Bachei pour, 26
3. Qader Bachaei pour, 22
4. Hussein Hussein Nejadian, 31 Married
5. Sajjad Hussein Nejadian, 29
6. Naser Abufadil, 35, father of two

Also security forces in Shaeibia arrested the following people:

1, Monji Alhari,  26
2. Jawad Alhari , 30
3. Metlab Alhari, 45
4. Farid Kaabi, 55

Current whereabouts of the detainees remain unknown.

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