Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Iranian forces in Ramadan crackdown on Arab villages

The Iranian regime has stepped up its clamp-down against Arabs in villages and suburban areas of Al-Ahwaz.

Fifteen Ahwazi Arabs in Eabodeh village in the suburbs of Ahwaz City were arrested on charges of conversion to Sunnism, which can lead to lengthy prison terms. The Iranian government has also banned the use of the red keffiyeh, a symbol of struggle for the Ahwazis. Those who wear the red keffiyeh are accused of being Wahhabi, ultra-conservative Sunni, as the security forces associate it with Saudis.

On July 26, masked intelligence officers raided homes in Mowailhah village, Bawi county, and arrested several youths: Jomaeh Hamidawi, Naeem Hamidawi and Aziz Hamidawi, all sons of Abdulreza Hamidawi; Ahmad Hamid and Reda Hamid, both sons of Atiya Hamid; Hamid Hamidawi and Muslim Hamidawi, both sons of Rasool Hamidawi; Mansour Salamat, son of Motayer Salamat; Faisal Hamidawi, son of Abdulaali Hamidawi; Mohammad Hamid, son of Aziz Hamid; Thamer Jameae from Waiys town; Yousef Mayahi from Waiys; Abdullah Naisi from Mowailhah.

There were also arrests reported in Shaiban. In Zergan district, authorities arrested: Bagher Gholami (Naami), Abu Ehagh, Hamid Sabea (Abu Mustafa), Hakem Eawayed (Abu Safa), Sabah Sharbaz (Abu Nasser) and Mansour Askari (Abu Ali).

A 12 year old Ahwazi Arab girl was killed and four members of her family were severely injured after Iranian security forces opened fire during raids on their village of Sariya in Khafajiya (Susangerd) on July 21.


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