Thursday, 5 July 2012

An Apppeal From Four Executed Men to The World

They spoke of severe physical and psychosocial torture at Ministry of Intelligence's dark cells.


Below is translation of their appeal to the international human rights community.


All Free, anti oppression and injustice people, International and Human rights Organisations, Human rights Defenders and Awakened Consciences, His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Shaheed Human Rights, UN Special Representative on Iran:

I Ali Sharifi born in 1986, Malashiya resident, suburb of Ahwaz city, education: year 9, single I was arrested on 20 April 2011 by Ministry of Intelligence and kept for three months at notorious detention centre under severest psychological and physical torture. I and my friends were held blindfolded in dark and notorious cells. Under torture they told us to cooperated and threat us this death unless we confess what they dictated to us.

They also brought Branch 18 prosecutor Ahmedi in Ahwaz to intelligence services detention. At his presence also we did not survive physical torture and execution threat. Mortaza Kiasati of Branch 4, sentenced me and my friend Abbas, Abdul Rahman and Taha Heidarian to death. We are still unaware when it will take place.

We live in the very poor neighbourhood of Malashiya in Ahwaz adjoining the biggest steel manufacturing complex in Iran with most of its workforce from outside Ahwaz [region]. Despite this our neighbourhood suffers from the highest level of poverty, unemployment and drugs with lowest civil, health and social services. We do not get from oil and gas fields, but the smoke.
Rivers diversion to central Iran resulted in agricultural elimination and the remaining land was confiscated by colonist sugar cane companies.

I shared and lived my family their suffering searching for modest sustenance to live on. Until the 15 April 2005 broke out, following leaked letter from President’s office by Mohammed Ali Abtahi who ordered eliminating Arabs existence in Al Ahwaz, coinciding with the eightieth anniversary of Al Ahwaz [Arabistan] occupation.

I participate along my brothers and friends in the neighbourhood with the rest of our people in what was hungry, barefoot and oppressed revolution against oppression, discrimination and racism. We continued to protest in the occupation’s anniversaries until 2011 when I was arrested during a peaceful protest. All protests gathering were peaceful until security, army and Basij’s revolutionary guards, curbed the protest, they were pelted with stones and burning tyres to stop their vehicles advance and them attacking protesters with guns, snipers, poisonous and tear gases . We eye witnessed the killing and injuring numbers of youth among them our brothers Yunis and Yusef Shomosi by bullet fired at them during the protest.
We are peaceful, against oppression and terrorism regard of its source. We are youths demanded our people’s rights by protest and peacefully. We are innocent from “waging war against God and its Prophet” and“Corruption on Earth” charges against us.

We were sentence to death by hanging in unfair courts (hearings). We peacefully demanded political, economical, social and cultural rights for our people in Al Ahwaz.

By this message and accepting all risks which we will be held accountable for in case discovery, we call on all international and human rights organisations, particularly the concerned Mr. Ahmed  Shaheed to pursue efforts and to try to halt the executions.

Finally, we note that we did not send  this message because we fear the death . Whatever Gods decides will happen.

Peace and God's mercy and blessings are upon you."

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