Tuesday, 26 June 2012

UK Foreign Office Condemns Iran's Executions of Four  Ahwazi Arabs:

Following last week's secret execution of four Ahwazis, Mr Burt, Minister for the Middle East at the FCO, has released the following statement today:

"I am appalled to hear that four members of the Ahwazi Arab minority living in Iran have been secretly executed in prison, while the fate of the fifth person remains unclear.  The five men, Abd al-Rahman Heidari, Taha Heidari, Jamshid Heidari, Mansour Heidari and Amir Muawi have been held for over a year accused of ‘enmity against God’ for their protests on behalf of this minority community. Reports suggest that they were denied access to lawyers and interpreters, a blatant abuse of their rights.

These men are the latest victims of the frequent and widespread persecution of ethnic minorities in Iran. I utterly condemn these executions and call for the immediate overturning of the death sentence for the remaining individual if not yet carried out.  Iran must take urgent steps to improve its record on the use of the death penalty and stop the persecution of ethnic minorities."

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