Thursday, 28 June 2012

Amnesty International Four Ahwazi Arabs Exeute; Fate of  the Fifth Is Unknown

Urgent Action

At least four members of Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority are believed to have been executed in the south-western province of Khuzestan on or around 18 June. The fate of a fifth man held in the same case is unknown.

Three brothers, Abd al-Rahman Heidarian (also known as Heidari), Taha Heidarian and Jamshid Heidarian were executed on or around 18 June, along with a man called Ali Sharifi. A man believed to be their cousin Mansour Heidarian was taken with them to an unknown location from Karoun Prison, in the provincial capital Ahwaz, on or around 9 June; it is not known what happened to him. Other prisoners told relatives that prison officials told them that all of the men were being taken for the implementation of their sentences imposed after they were convicted of charges including moharebeh va ifsad fil-arz (“enmity against God and corruption on earth”) for the killing of at least one person, said to be a law enforcement official, in April 2011. Their families have said the men “confessed” to the killing following torture and other ill-treatment. “Confessions” extracted under duress are frequently accepted as evidence in Iranian courts. It is not known when they were put on trial or if they had any legal representation.

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