Friday, 25 May 2012

British Foreign Secretary William Hague Condemns Violence Against Ahwazi Arabs Protesters

Below are excerpts of his statement  to The Shadow Prime Minister, Harriet Harman MP:

"I am deeply concerned by the continuing reports of violence against protesters in the towns  of  Hamidiya, Shush and Ahwaz including disturbing reports of the torture and the death of several young men in custody. This is grossly hypocritical when Iran claims to supports protests elsewhere in the region. We are working to corroborate reports coming from Khuzestan [Arabistan] of the deaths of prisoners in custody, and of ongoing disproportionate response to peaceful protests in Khuzestan [Arabistan] province.  If true, Theses are extremely concerning and I condemn them in the strongest  possible terms.

...“The British Government strongly supported the establishment of UN Special Rapporteur Dr Shaheed, and also the resolution to renew his mandate at the Human Rights Council in March. We are disappointed Iran has not seized this opportunity to engage with the UN  and has publicly stated it will prevent Dr Shaheed from visiting Iran.”

“Despite the violent attacks on the British Embassy in Tehran on 29 November, British government the British Government will continue to work with EU partners and in the UN on human rights issues such as those the repression of the rights of Iranian [Ahwazi] Arabs... The British government will continue to urge Iran respect the full and equal rights of its people, regardless of their faith of ethnicity, in line with its international obligations”, British Foreign Secretary said.

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