Saturday, 19 May 2012

Amnesty International: Iran has arrested at least 90 Ahwazi Arabs between 10 January and mid-April 2012.

Amnesty International said on Friday 18 May 2012 that Iran has arrested at least 90 Ahwazi rights activists and protesters in Arabistan AlAhwaz between January and April.

“Between 10 January 2012 and the beginning of  February, in the lead-up to parliamentary elections held on 2 March, between 50 and 65 people were reportedly arrested in at least three separate locations in the province; at least two deaths in custody were also reported. Some Ahwazi Arabs, mostly in Shoush [Susa], north-central Khuzestan [Arabistan], called for a boycott of the elections and arrests in Shoush [Susa], reportedly followed the appearance of anti-election slogans painted on walls. Others may have been pre-emptive arrests aimed at preventing any gathering of Ahwazi Arabs either on the anniversary of country-wide demonstrations held on 14 February 2011 in support of the people of Tunisia and Egypt which were violently repressed, or on the 15 April anniversary of the “Day of Rage”. In the immediate lead-up to the 15 April anniversary, from late March until mid-April 2012, at least 25 Ahwazi Arabs were reportedly arrested following protests in cities across the province” Amnesty International said in an "URGENT ARGENT"  it has launched on 18 May.

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