Sunday, 15 April 2012

It's official: 230,000 Illiterates in Al Ahwaz

Province's Deputy Education Department, Musa Shaikhi said on Saturday that 230,000 people aged 10-49 are illiterate in Alahwaz.

The real figure is much higher."Previous statistics reveals that while the illiteracy rate in lran is 14%, among Ahwazi-Arab men is over-50% and among Ahwazi women is even higher. The illiteracy rate among Ahwazi women is 4 times the national average. Unemployment is 6 times the national average. The drop out rate of Ahwazi students is 30% during elementary school, 50% during i secondary school and 70% during high school. Only one out of 4 Ahwazi-students graduates from high school, while 3 out of 4 Persian students graduate from high school.

While Islamic Republic of Iran exploit our oil and rakes over 100 million dollars a year to open Persian language schools in South America, Africa and other parts of the world, most villages and towns in Al-Ahwaz lack schools or have to travel tens of kms to attend one. Where there are schools, Ahwazi children are forced to study in a foreign Farsi (Persian). The result is a high illiteracy and high employment among Ahwazis."

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