Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Iran prepares Public Execution of 3 Ahwazi Arabs Activists:

Iranian Judiciary has sentence to death three Ahwazi Arabs after forced televised confession   extracted by torture to be broadcast on state television, Ahwazi Arabs sources told Dubai based Alarabiya Channel News.
It is also reported that security forces clashed with Ahwazi farmers, ptotesting against forced land confiscation in villages of Azzergan and Algati near Ahwaz city.

The news follows last month's Amnesty International urgent appeal to Iran to halt execution of five Ahwaz young activists after Iranian judiciary has officially informed the families of 5 Arab detainees in Ahwaz, southern Iran of the death sentences given to their sons.  Amongst them are three brothers; Abdulrahman, Taha and Jamshid Haidari. Amir Maaoui, a cousin of the brothers and Mansoor Heidari are also to be executed. The men were arrested in Malashiya near Ahwaz city accused of planning the assassination of an Iranian security officer and injuring another during the Ahwazi uprising that sparked protests amongst the ethnic Arab population in April 2011, in the predominantly Arab town of Al Malashiya.

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