Sunday, 15 April 2012

Arab High School Students Detained By Iranian Security Forces for Flying Ahwazi Flag

Iranian security forces and Basij's (militia) Islamic Students Society have arrested dozens of Ahwazi students in Shohada High School, in Amaniyeh district, Ahwaz city for flying Ahwazi flag on anniversary of 15 April Ahwazi Intifada.
Students were arrested on Thursday 12 April and their family have not been informed about their whereabouts. 

In the last past few days Iran has intensified its crackdown on Ahwazi protesters and rights activists by broadcasting forced televised confessions on sate television and death sentences for activists in order to spread fear among Arab residents and thwart them from organizing protests ahead of the April 15, commemoration of uprisings that took place in several Ahwazi cities in 2005 in protest against a government program designed to change the demographic structure of areas dominated by ethnic Arabs. According to that government plan, ethnic Arabs would become a minority within 10 years.

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