Thursday, 8 March 2012

Amnesty International calls for URGENT ACTION As Five Ahwazi's Face Execution

Amnesty International has called for URGENT ACTION from the international community for five Ahwazi Arab men who are on death row. On the 8th of March, Amnesty Intl. reported in their document titled "Iran: Five Arab men at imminent risk of execution" that five members of Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority, including three brothers, their cousin and another man were to be executed in public, after their death sentences were upheld by the Supreme Court. 

They have urged people to send in appeals for Abd al-Rahman Heidari , Taha Heidari and Jamshid Heidari, their cousin Mansour Heidari and Amir Muawi (or Mo’avi ) who were arrested in April 2011, during unrest taking place across the predominantly Arab region of Ahwaz which lies in the now Khuzestan province in the south-west of Iran. Since their arrest, their whereabouts have not been disclosed to their families. The Ministry of Intelligence also told the men's relatives that they would be executed in public “in the next few days”.
Furthermore, Amnesty went on to state that, "It is not known when their initial trials took place or if they had any legal representation. "Confessions" extracted under duress are frequently accepted as evidence before courts in Iran."
In response to the report, Amjad Taha, head of foreign relations for the EAHRO acknowledged Amnesty Intl's efforts and calls for further action from all other human rights groups.

Click here to read the appeal 

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