Saturday, 28 January 2012

Iran detains 23 Ahwazi Human rights and Cultural Activists.

At least 40 people are detained  after Iranian riot police brutally and violently sought to break up an Ahwazi protest in city of Susa (Shush) demanding cultural, social and political rights was well as protesting against racist policies random raid and unjustified arrest of Ahwazi activists.

Sources said "protesters were peaceful asking for freedom, democracy and an end to Apartheid style and segregationist polices against Ahwazis".

Twenty-three names of those arrested are as follows*: 

1. Ahmed Zughaybi
2. Othman Zughabi
3. Jasim Kaabi
4. Khadija Saddam Al Kaabi
6. Mehdi Khasraji 
7. Amir Surkhi
8. Ahmen Dabbat
9. Sajjad Al Kaabi
10- Sajjad Al Kaabi
11- Adel Dabbat
12. Ashur Dabbat             
13. Kadim Dabbat                     
14. Ja'ja al Kinani                   
15.  Mortda Musawi                  
16. Fasail Dabbat                     
17. Karim Dai'er Kaabi                   
18. Adnan Zughaybi                   
19. Moslim Mazraawi                
20. Mehdi Nawasri                   
21. Hassan Nawaseri                 
22. Ali Al Kinani                 
23. Ibrahim Haidari 

*Source : Ahwazna

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