Saturday, 15 October 2011

UN General Secretary: The situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed strong criticism of Iran's human rights record, voicing concern about the use of excessive force , the harassment of women's rights activists, the ongoing execution of juveniles, and the continued persecution of minorities, including Ahwazi Arabs.

The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, after considering the combined eighteenth and nineteenth periodic reports of the Islamic Republic of Iran in August 2010, expressed concern at the limited enjoyment of politica economic, social and cultural rights by, inter alia, Arab, Azeri, Baloch and Kurdish communities and some communities of non-citizens, in particular with regard to housing, education, freedom of expression and religion, health and employment, despite the economic growth in the country. The Committee drew particular attention to reports regarding the application of the “gozinesh” criterion, a selection procedure requiring prospective State officials and employees to demonstrate allegiance to the Islamic Republic of Iran and the State religion, and expressed concern that it might limit employment opportunities and political participation for members of Arab, Azeri, Baloch, Jewish, Armenian and Kurdish communities (see CERD/C/IRN/CO/18-19).

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