Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Strike by Thousands of Workers in Ma'shur Petrochemical Complex

Reports from Arabistan Al Ahwaz, Iran, confirm that 6000 workers employed in separate shifts are now participating in Ma'shur Complex strike gathering every day in front of the compnay’s headquarters chanting their demands.

The main demand of the petrochemical workers in Ma'shor’s Special Economic Zone is an end to ‘contract employmnet’. Contractors impose inhumane conditions on workers in this sector.

Ahwazi Arabs human rights sources and labour activists report that7 representatives of the striking workers Khalid Ka'abi, Anwar Mojjadam,  Mansour Abbasi, Mohammad Bagheri, Faisal Buryhi, Adnan Al Tamimi and Jasem Badrani were summoned by agents and  arrested.

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