Friday, 7 October 2011

"Arabistan Al Ahwaz" and fight against Iranian Apartheid

10 million Arabs live under the control of Iran which share little of their culture and values. Arabistan Al Ahwaz lies in ruins, religious institutions are co-opted, services denied, and political activities outlawed. However, unlike the Palestinians there is little to no international concern about these Arabs. These Arabs are the Ahwazi Arabs. Most Ahwazi Arabs are Muslim but there are Mandeans
Arabistan Al Ahwaz (Khuzestan) economy was boosted with the rise of the petroleum industry (90% of Iran's oil is found in the region); however, most of the funds stayed in the hands of Persians who moved into the region to run the oil business. Persian government ignored the needs of Arabs.
Redeveloped areas were given to Persians who moved in from elsewhere. All but the lowest paying jobs were denied to Ahwazi Arabs, Arab language newspapers and media broadcasts were outlawed, and political activities curtailed. Today Ahwazi Arabs are a people under Apartheid and cultural siege. The Iranian government does not allow education in Arabic. Public executions are a monthly affair. Arabistan Al Ahwaz is one of the richest regions yet the wealth is only found with the Persians who move in for the oil jobs.

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