Tuesday, 11 October 2011

600 of the Ahwaz Pipe Factory workers have begun indefinite strike

Around 600 of the Ahwaz Pipe Factory workers in the oil-rich Arabistan Al Ahwaz region have began indefinite strike outside the governorate office over 25 months salaries arrears.

So far the government has refused to meet the workers to discuss their grievances. In March 2010 the factory sacked 300 local Arab workers. They marched from the factory gates to the governor’s office; shouting slogans like “Having a livelihood is our absolute right”. The workers’ protests included gathering outside the factory gates. On that day their representatives announced that the demonstrations would continue until the factory reopened and the workers reinstated. Within two hours of this protest and the representatives’ announcement, the security forces summoned five of the workers’ representatives and demanded an end to the protest.

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