Friday, 30 September 2011

The European Ahwazi Human Rights Organization (EAHRO) would like to express its grave concern about the recent crime in Ahwaz city south-west Iran

On Sunday, Iran hanged 6 innocent people who participated on the 15/04/2011 protest.
All were executed at Karoon Prison yet in different sections. Iran fabricated the charges and it convicted those protesters of fabricated crime (according to Iran Law) such as robbery. It’s worth notifying that Iran Abuse Minorities right. As confirmed by the close family and friends of these innocent people, the information we have is accurate.

Were arrested in 18/04/2011
1. Ali Haydari, 32 years old, From Malashya East Ahwaz capital city.
2. Jamal Nabhani , 22 years old, From Ahwaz
3. Aqeal Sharifi, 38 years old, married with 5 children lived in Falahya west Ahwaz.

Were arrested in 25/04/2011
4. Muhamed Tayi , 18 years old,student At Abrar secondary school at shelengabad (Hay Althurah)area.
5. Talib Tamimi ,24 years old , Ahwaz Azad University , pharmcy student. who was a brother of (Ejbareh Tamimi, who was reportedly arrested from his home in the days after 15 April, apparently on suspicion of having been in contact with, and having provided information to, al-Arabiya TV. He was reportedly tortured in order to force him to make a recorded “confession” which he refused to do, and died in Sepidar Prison as a result.
6. Mumahed (Chabi) Kabi, 28 years old, married with two children
The six human right activist who participated in 15/04/2011 and 30/08/2011civil protest were charged for forbidden acts, Khuzestan provincial judiciary spokesman Hojjatoleslam Abdolhamid Amanat was quoted as saying.
The latest hangings bring to 180 the number of executions reported in Iran so far this year, according to an AFP tally based on media and official reports.
Iranian media reported 179 hangings last year but international human rights groups say the actual number was much higher, ranking the Islamic republic second only to China in the number of people it executed in 2010. Tehran says the death penalty is essential to maintain law and order, and it is applied only after exhaustive judicial proceedings. Murder, rape, armed robbery, drug trafficking and adultery are among the crimes punishable by death in Iran.

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